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Is Auction the Best Strategy? 3 Times it Just Isn’t.

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Auction. The pet sales strategy of the real estate industry, and one that evokes emotions in sellers ranging from excitement and anticipation to trepidation or even terror. Are you trying to decide whether or not you should take your home to Auction? Is Auction the right process for your property and for you personally? Can you predict your likely outcome?

Your Upzoned Property. Are You Sitting On a Gold Mine?

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Most weeks I’ll find myself talking to at least one homeowner who owns property which has been upzoned under the Unitary Plan. If you are a hopeful owner of an upzoned property you’re likely very keen to make the absolute most of an opportunity that may never come again. And who wouldn’t be? In this article we look at the extent of upzoning in Auckland, the Housing Crisis, demand at present and what this means […]

Breaking Up With Your Real Estate Agent. Is it them or is it you?

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Have you been on the market for ages? Are you creeping up to that 90 day mark and thinking about dumping your real estate agent? You’re tired of keeping the house clean for viewings. Every time you walk past a sold sign you want to knock it over out of sheer frustration! If your agent doesn’t bring you the right offer (or any offer) soon, they are history! But wait… Read on to find out if a […]