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Negotiation tip: Bank that goodwill.

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A big part of my job as a real estate agent and negotiator is facilitating a meeting of minds – helping the seller and buyer focus on what matters to them enough to transact. You would be surprised how often in negotiation small actions are what greatly help or hinder people in the pursuit of their ideal outcome. So….my negotiation tip for today is…. Bank that good will.  

Smart Ways To Deal With Stupid Offers…

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Is your blood boiling? Reeling at the sheer cheek of your buyer? Surely that offer is a joke?! You might also be looking sideways at your agent wondering if your suspicions that they never were really working for YOU have just been confirmed… Should you negotiate or tell that buyer to shove it? Read on to identify the FOUR types of buyers who make stupidly low offers. And how to manage them…