Your Upzoned Property. Are You Sitting On a Gold Mine?

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Most weeks I’ll find myself talking to at least one homeowner who owns property which has been upzoned under the Unitary Plan.

If you are a hopeful owner of an upzoned property you’re likely very keen to make the absolute most of an opportunity that may never come again. And who wouldn’t be?

In this article we look at the extent of upzoning in Auckland, the Housing Crisis, demand at present and what this means for you.

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Conjunctional Sales: What they mean for you.

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In my post yesterday I mentioned the term Conjunctional Sale.

A Conjunctional Sale is industry lingo for the process of agents from different brands working together to secure a sale for a seller.

The following is a short explanation about Conjunctional Sales and why they matter to you as a seller…

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Dead Open Homes? Tips to Increase Traffic…

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You woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning for the 6th weekend in a row and tidied your home in anticipation of a flood of buyers who, no doubt, have your 1-2pm Open Home carefully scheduled in their phones.

At 2.01pm the phone rings. It’s your agent. Your face falls.

“One buyer? Oh? Jim from next door. Greeeat…All that strive and only our least favorite neighbor bothered to come through! You’ve got to be kidding?!”

What can you do to increase traffic when your Open Homes are dead?

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Insurance Reviews: How a Review Can Save You Money…

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Insurance is all about peace of mind but, let’s be honest, insurance is a grudge purchase. It’s a product you loathe buying but when the unforeseen occurs…Best. Buy. Ever.

When it comes to Insurance Reviews most people avoid them with ninja-like skill. “Aren’t they just going to try to sell me something else? No thanks!”

But a review is not primarily about upselling you. It’s about ensuring you are receiving value. Surprised?

Alex Paul from Insurance People tells us more about the difference a recent review made to a couple of her clients…before they spent another dollar..

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Smart Ways To Deal With Stupid Offers…

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Is your blood boiling? Reeling at the sheer cheek of your buyer? Surely that offer is a joke?!

You might also be looking sideways at your agent wondering if your suspicions that they never were really working for YOU have just been confirmed…

Should you negotiate or tell that buyer to shove it?

Read on to identify the FOUR types of buyers who make stupidly low offers. And how to manage them…

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Breaking Up With Your Real Estate Agent. Is it them or is it you?

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Have you been on the market for ages? Are you creeping up to that 90 day mark and thinking about dumping your real estate agent?

You’re tired of keeping the house clean for viewings. Every time you walk past a sold sign you want to knock it over out of sheer frustration! If your agent doesn’t bring you the right offer (or any offer) soon, they are history!

But wait…

Read on to find out if a change of agent is likely to fix your problem. Is it them or is it you?

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Separation and Selling the Family Home…

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So you are separating. Your world is upside down. You’re nursing a broken heart and/or, at very least, some serious anxiety about what your future might look like.

Separation is a major trigger for resale and, due to this, I have been engaged to market properties for many separating couples over the years.  

Here is an overview of your options as well as my top tips for couples who are contemplating selling the family home due to separation.

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