Insight: What’s it all about?

Welcome to Insight, a real estate blog with a focus on talking about the less talked about aspects of real estate.

If you want to get down close and have a look at the grit of the real estate transaction, what can go wrong and how to fix it you have come to the right place.

What’s here for you?

For Sellers

Tools and practical information to help you better your bottom line such as…What matters and what doesn’t when preparing your property for sale, how people reduce or boost the value of their properties, the most common mistakes people make when selling, common and uncommon issues that arise during the process and how to fix them…

…as well as relevant Property News and insights from other professionals you will deal with on your real estate journey.

For Buyers

Information to help take the guesswork out of your process.

Should you read into RV’s? In a sea of homes marketed without a price, how do you figure out what that house is worth? How to decipher ‘agent speak’? Construction materials to have a closer look at, step by step negotiation and renegotiation guides, questions you should ask your professionals and more…

What’s not here.

  • Listings
  • SOLD announcements/photos of SOLD signs
  • Selfies (Not this time…)
  • Or photos of Maria’s bling or Remuera tractor.

Why did I set it up?

Keeping it real, (because that’s what this blog is about) I set this blog up to showcase my approach to real estate in a way that adds value to your real estate journey rather than simply trying to sell you something.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will leave here a bit better off than you were before you came. And I hope to see you again.

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