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Selling Your First Home. For First Timers.

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So you’re thinking of selling your first home and buying your second. Where on earth do you start? Last week I hit up folks on a few of the Facebook Community Pages to gain some insight into what has been going wrong recently for sellers and buyers. A lack of information and confusion around the sale of a first home came up multiple times in the PM’s I received. This post is for first time […]

Unlucky In Love? Love, Red Flags and Real Estate.

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Are you unlucky in love? Consistently choosing a different version of the same person and ending up with an achy breaky heart? Or rapidly approaching ‘bitter and twisted’ territory, your world view changing because of the experiences you’ve had? This post is for those unlucky in love and real estate. Strange combination? Maybe not as strange as you think.

Asbestos And Property. Where Is It And Can You Avoid It?

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Asbestos. The mere mention of the word has most people running for the hills, and with good reason. You don’t need a PhD to know that asbestos exposure can be a health hazard. Would you want to know if there is asbestos in a home you are considering? How common is it in the residential setting? Where kind of materials contain it? And can you avoid it altogether?