Social Media Recommendations for Dummies. Version 1.0

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What is influencer marketing?

Here’s a tongue in cheek scenario inspired by our very own Auckland Facebook Community Groups.

Check it out!

The Scenario

Meet Jenny

Jenny (27 years) is a busy mum to one bouncing baby boy and is 2/3 of the way through a renovation. Her painter has cancelled unexpectedly so, in desperation, she turns to her local Facebook Community Group for help.

Disclaimer: The following is a purely fictional scenario but one that uncannily resembles almost-every-single-day in a Facebook group near you.

Hi Community! Looking for a recommendation for a painter. Please recommend someone you have used yourself! Thank you!”


Hi! I used Bob from Rainbow Painters in November. He did a great job! Highly recommend!

Translation (Answer One):

Hi! I used Bob from Rainbow Painters in November. He did a great job! Highly recommend!


Bob from Rainbow Painters is amazing! Call him on 021 2345678.

Translation A (Answer Two):

My house was painted last week but I used Jim (not Bob).

Bob from Rainbow Painters recommends me so…duh…I’m recommending Bob. A few of my clients may or may not have used him.

Translation B (Answer Two):

I am part of a networking group and we have sworn a solumn oath to recommend each other. My RSI would be so much worse if it wasn’t for Copy/Paste…

Do you see the same half dozen people recommending the same business on every thread? Uh huh? 
It’s an unholy alliance of the influencer kind…


I have PM’d you.

Translation (Answer Three):

I am playing the odds and recommend six painters on this page. I am PM’ing you so the five I didn’t recommend don’t notice and stop recommending me.

Sound familiar?

I apologize if the above has just shattered your kumbaya Facebook group reality but, all is not lost, there is one (almost) sure-fire way to establish actual the value of a recommendation in the age of (bulls**t) #influencers.

Ask one or two more questions!

Jenny could delay that sigh of relief for a couple of seconds and follow up with one or a combination of the following:

“Thanks! Have you used Bob personally? What was it specifically that impressed you?”


“What makes you recommend Bob? Am I able to talk with one of your clients who used Bob’s services?” “What did your client say about Bob’s services?”

We are all influenced by other people but, it goes without saying, that a personal recommendation only has value if it is backed by personal experience…

….and certainly some substance beyond ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’.

Keep it real people!

Ask more questions!

After posting this blog a friend sent me a link to work by Rachel Botsman, a UK based author and lecturer specializing in the areas of trust, technology, and business. Her commentary is fascinating. Check it out on her website here.

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The Author

Maria is a veteran Auckland realtor, rookie blogger and long time resident of the West and Nor'west. Maria markets and sells residential and lifestyle property across Auckland and is based at Harcourts Northwest Realty Limited - Licensed REAA 2008

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