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(the ability to have) a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation:

A definition from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press

It’s hard to make decisions when you either lack information or the confidence that you are interpreting available information correctly, particularly when the stakes are high.

And, for most of us, the stakes are rarely higher in a financial sense than when it comes to buying or selling real estate. It is a process that can be daunting, unfamiliar and at times downright scary.

Insight is a candid real estate blog that tells it like it is. It’s intended to help you navigate the real estate process like a pro, troubleshoot issues when they arise and offers practical tips to give you the clarity and confidence to make decisions that will get you where you’re going….as well as give you an edge over your less informed peers.

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* Cover photo of Muriwai courtesy of local photographer Gary Ashton
Bethells Beach

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Maria is a veteran Auckland realtor, rookie blogger and long time resident of the West and Nor'west. Maria markets and sells residential and lifestyle property across Auckland and is based at Harcourts Northwest Realty Limited - Licensed REAA 2008

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