Selling Your First Home. For First Timers.

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So you’re thinking of selling your first home and buying your second. Where on earth do you start?

Last week I hit up folks on a few of the Facebook Community Pages to gain some insight into what has been going wrong recently for sellers and buyers. A lack of information and confusion around the sale of a first home came up multiple times in the PM’s I received.

This post is for first time sellers.

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Unlucky In Love? Love, Red Flags and Real Estate.

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Are you unlucky in love? Consistently choosing a different version of the same person and ending up with an achy breaky heart? Or rapidly approaching ‘bitter and twisted’ territory, your world view changing because of the experiences you’ve had?

This post is for those unlucky in love and real estate. Strange combination?

Maybe not as strange as you think.

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Selling Your Home Privately vs Using An Agent.

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Thinking of selling your home privately?What can an agent do for you that you can’t, quite easily, do for yourself?

This loaded topic has been hashed out by many an individual and real estate agent. Guess what? You don’t need an agent to sell your house. You can DIY it.

But before you take that plunge consider the following…

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Why Market Without A Price? Strategy For Sellers.

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Why are so many properties marketed without a price? Should you join the masses and market your property without a price? Is what is best for you as a buyer also best for you as a seller?

“When I’m buying I prefer to see a price on homes I consider.”
“I won’t even enquire about properties unless they are marketed with a price.”

What strategy is most likely to get you your desired result? This post offers food for thought for sellers mulling over the most effective pricing strategy.

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Non-Compliant Building Work. A Homeowners Guide.

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New Zealand is a nation of DIY’ers. We love to add value! And, not surprisingly, there are a fair number of us who also love shortcuts. Weren’t rules made to be broken?

“The job has been done properly – we just didn’t want to pay the Council cut.”
“We were told about this when we bought. It didn’t bother us. It won’t bother our buyers.”
“The buyers can take it or leave it. It’s not our problem.”

Do the above comments sound like you? Has your property had work done without a Building Permit or a Building Consent? Or are you looking at adding value sans Council involvement? This post tells you what to expect today.

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Is The First Offer Usually The Best Offer? Assessing Early Offers.

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True or False

Is the first offer usually the best offer?

Many a seller has mulled over this old chestnut when receiving an offer in the first few days of a campaign and the subsequent deliberations can be agonizing.

Should you wait until after the first set or two of Open Homes? What if the buyer walks away? Can you trust your agents’ advice or are they just after a quick sale?

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Is Auction the Best Strategy? 3 Times it Just Isn’t.

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Auction. The pet sales strategy of the real estate industry, and one that evokes emotions in sellers ranging from excitement and anticipation to trepidation or even terror.

Are you trying to decide whether or not you should take your home to Auction?

Is Auction the right process for your property and for you personally? Can you predict your likely outcome?

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